Top-up pending (NOBODY ANSWERING)

I topped up my account yesterday, but it exceeded the limit which I was not aware of. As a result, the fund has been pending since yesterday.

The first customer service asked for my proof of income. The money was earnt from my cryptocurrency trading on Bitstamp. I first withdrew the money to my Fire bank account and then transferred to my Revolut. Then he said he could not solve it for me and had to send my request to “another team” to increase the limit.

Then, I was left there with nobody answering!!! I really need the fund urgently!!! Please help!!!

Hey @PeterChan :slight_smile:

This process might take up to 96 hours to clear, and the chat will appear unresponsive meanwhile.

If you need this to be sped up, you might consider reaching :r: through Twitter:

Why on earth would twitter be faster than the company’s own customer service? That’s just ridiculous. It’s also not true. No response from twitter either.
Where is everyone?

Different team. If you’re waiting in line at support, resorting to social media or moderators here is like jumping the line. Downside: these additional channels aren’t monitored 24/7.

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As I can see an agent has responded to your in-app message.

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