Top up pending and I need the money urgently


I topped up my account with 6000 euros through a bank transfer and the payment is pending. I need all the money to pay for my Erasmus stay tomorrow and only today i saw in the app that my revolut account has a 5000 yearly limit unlike my erasmus colleagues that have 30000 euro year limit. And also unlike them, I have no button in the limits tab to increase that limit.

I contacted the live chat 8 hours ago and they say they would need to transfer my issue to a team that deals with these matters, but i have no response since then and typing “live agent” does nothing.
All this money is coming from three sources:
a) my eramus grant
b) savings account
c) help from my family

Can anyone help me with this issue? I need the money tomorrow morning and is still pending on the revolut account.


Hey @Nunobartolo :slight_smile:

Consider reaching :r: through Twitter if the matter is this urgent:


Agree with Juliopp - twitter is the way to go.
Hope you get sorted :+1:


Its solved. Thanks for the sugestions guys. The most effective solution was to use my friends live chat and ask for help.