Top up Payment pending

A top up of 4300 is pending in my account for 15days. I think it is over the amount I can top up with. How do I cancel the payment so it goes back to the sending account

Was this a SEPA transfer? Was the correct IBAN/BIC used? Have you tried to contact the sending bank? Can a Revolut representative finally comment on these ongoing issues? Or are you trying to sweep the issue under the carpet? Every day new reports about missing money! WTF? I am wondering why the problem hasn’t hit the media yet. Should we report this to The Guardian, BBC, etc.?

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The bank details were correct because I can see it pending in my revolut account. I understand I have to provide documentation to remove limits. But how long will revolut leave the payment pending before returning it?

Hey @Jroffaly :slight_smile:

The transfer will probably be held until you verify your account :wink:

Hi @Jroffaly. Please get in touch with our support team.

If you are unable to increase your annual top-up limits they can revert the transfer for you.

How do I get in touch with support team?

Have you tried in app support? More -> Help -> Chat to us. Describe your problem and then type “Live agent”.

Excellent, that helped. thank you very much