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  • If I add my bank account to the Revolut, do I pay any fee to top up my Revolut card? And is it the same to top up 10€ or 1.000€, for instance?
  • And do I pay any fee if I do a bank transfer (from a Portuguese bank account)?
  • Can I make a bank transfer from my Revolut Account to a Portuguese Bank account? Do I pay any fee for this?

Hey there @inesms :slight_smile:

:R: will not debit your bank account. You don’t need to add your bank account to :r: to make a bank transfer Top-up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To see the procedure, click the Top-up button and then choose Bank transfer. The fees will be decided by your bank in this case (and any potential intermediary bank if you transfer via SWIFT), so get in touch with them regarding this. :blush:

:R: will not charge a fee for this :money_mouth_face:

You can do that and it will be free as long as you don’t choose the Turbo option :smile:

Thank you @Juliopp :slight_smile:

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