Top up of more than 1000 euros in pending Since several days


Hello Team,

This is very bad. I’ve topped up my account and it has been more than 4 days and the money is still in the pending state. I’ve tried to contact the In APP support, but they say they are very busy and no answer to my problem. only that they are very busy.

I really need to use my money. there is not even a phone number to call someone?

In general I’m very satisfied with Revolut, but this is very bad…

Hoping to have a quick and satisfactory answer.


SEPA or SWIFT? Have you made sure the IBAN and BIC are the correct ones?


Yes, all of this is correct. I think it is related to the limits of my account. I have sent the documents they’ve asked and no answer since 4 days…


It is a SEPA transfer btw


If it is a verification issue then it wont show up until it is verified. Try to get someone on the chat (and type “live agent” to avoid the chatbot).

Alternatively the usual :wink: , @AndreasK


I have tried too but they’ve took 2 hours to reply and now not replying. Is there any other way to contact someone?


Yeah, their support team is pretty … slow :slight_smile:

As for a contact, send a message to the user I tagged earlier.


Hi there. We’ve responded and resolved your query. Apologies for the delay & thanks for your patience!


Yes. It has finally been addressed thank you guys!! Everything is ok now.