Top-up money does not appear on Balance.


Good afternoon,

In order to receive a physical card, I did a top-up of 100 PLN + 10 EUR, but only the 10 EUR appear on my Revolut Balance! And the 100 PLN were also taken from my bank account!! What can I do? No one is answering in the support chat, and I really need this money.


Hi! Did you top-up via your card or via a bank transfer? :slight_smile:


I did the top-up via my card. For the whole amount (100 PLN plus 10€. First I did 50 PLN, and I could not see anything of the balance, then I did it again and still nothing. And when I changed the currency for EUR, it worked. But everything was taken from my bank account. And only the 10 EUR appear on the balance.


Problem solved :slight_smile: no needs to worry anymore.


Glad to hear it’s all sorted @cfrazao!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K.


I did 2 top-ups via bank account at the same time but forgot the reference code on one and do not see this one’s money on my Account. Everything is fine with the other one though.
Could you please help me ?


Of course I can help. Let’s get in touch via a direct message so I can have a closer look into your account.


Issue solved.
Excellent reactivity, i am impressed !
Thank you