Top up methods

Hello guys…
I would love to have a way that i can topup my Revolut account trough a Cash Point or Pay Points in the United Kingdom using cash,and not only in the United Kingdom,could be anywhere in the world where Revolut its accepted.I came acros this issue many times now and as my point of view ,such a service should be available for use…There are many reason for this service to be available and i think that Revolut will make a lot of money from this service because such a service has a fee…CASH TOPUP for revolut users

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In principle it sounds a good idea but reading the Monzo community it appears that it doesn’t work for most people. Apparently the staff in the shops have no idea how to do it so refuse to even attempt it. Probably just a lack of education (teaching staff how to do it) and hopefully it will be sorted.

Quoted from Monzo community

This evening I went to a Local Co-op shop intending to deposit cash into my Monzo bank account. I asked the cashier if I could deposit some cash into my bank account via PayPoint. The cashier was unsure about this and called the Shop Manager. The manager said that they did not possess the relevant equipment/training to do this.The PayPoint logo was displayed above the kiosk.

I tried an One Stop further along the road. The same routine played out almost exactly as before. This shop also displayed the PayPoint logo.