Top up -> METHOD -> Bank transfer = Lloyds Bank = CASH


Just went to Lloyds Bank to deposit the £10 as a top up to have a bank account opened with Revolut and been advised that there is no way for them to include the REFERENCE… in the transaction.
So I can send the money, but without reference …

So if I do not have a bank account, how can I deposit the £10?

Revolut slogans:
Better than your BANK account …

Then in Bank Account section:
Revolut Current Accounts - free, fast, easy.

I disagree, not easy …


This means that you have to have a bank account :wink:

And if we’re writing about reference number- do they allow to type any description?


Lol, you give the impression that the issue is on :r: side but the fact is that your bank refuses to add a reference in the transaction…

Liaise with your bank and insist to have this reference number set in the transaction.


I can add references to my top ups from my UK bank accounts, why blame Revolut when it seams like its Lloyds problem !


I have the impression that @cashISking does’nt have an account and he’s doing the transfer directly in cash from a bank desk.

Am I right @cashISking ?


If you don’t have a bank account - where do you have your money currently? cash only?


@mirron Yes, tried it, but failed …

Unfortunately we don’t accept cheques or cash deposits to your Revolut account. Cash deposits will be returned to the sender with a processing fee deducted.


borrow it from someone (a friend who are using revolut can send you 10 $ and you can return the money to him once you opened your account)