Top Up List Overhaul


I have this awesome idea that you guys are going to love, if you have the same problems as me.

The Problem: I often top up my Revolut account using debit cards from other banks. My list of bank cards is huge and confusing as f*ck.
This is an example list:

As you can see, my list is huge and messy. Some cards don’t show the bank name, some show the wrong bank name (JP Morgan => Wirex), others show old/unsused names (ING Direct Sucursal España => ING Bank), others use the official names and not the streetname (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria => BBVA), wrong currencies (GBP while those cards are EUR) etc.

I would like to this list to be updated. Revolut should create a new BIN database and link proper names to the BINs.
Ill post a photo of what I want, but i’ll explain it below first:

  1. all cards should show the bank-logo on the left.
  2. the 3 textlines should be like this:
    Bank Name - Card Name
    [Country Flag] [Card Flag] *1234
    Currency - Card Type
  3. All BINs that wrongly point to GBP, should be set to EUR.
  4. All bank names should be updated.

For example:
BBVA - Repsol Premium
image *7352
EUR - Virtual Card

Ill complete the post later!


I can definitely see how a long list like yours could be confusing! I currently only use one top-up card, but rather than displaying the generic bank icon in the list, it displays the logo of the card-issuer’s bank (or in my case, the Building Society). If your icons were replaced with logos, I’m sure that would help.

@taviro also suggested that inside the app, the user is given the ability to add a custom name to each saved card:


Renaming top-up cards is a must feature. I dont know why Revolut does not listen. For example - my bank changed its name about year ago. Sure enough top-up card still displays old name and there is nothing I can do about it. Stupid…


I like the idea but i think it’s best for us to just wait for the possibility to rename the cards/banks used for top-up.