Top Up Limits

I have just opened an account and have been given a £4000 annual limit but it’s not enough as I live 5 months a year in Spain and want to use the card for general living expense plus transfer a lump sum to my Spanish bank once a year to cover bills etc.

I’m totally bewildered abut what I need to send. I keep a small balance in my bank accounts and I top them up from a variety of sources including small pensions, various savings and a business account which I have for some freelance work. I’ve no idea what to send over

Actually I’m a bit more confused after reading FAQ’s!

Is my £4000 limit for Revolut to bank transfers only? In FAQ’s it says card top up limits are between £1000-£3000 a day for new users so I assume the £4,000 annual limit doesn’t apply to card spending???

Did you verfied youre identity with a gov issued document (passport, identitycard, driving license)
If you can put a creditcard in and topup account with £5000
It says that you exceed youre annual limit and you get forwarded to verfications and limits.

After verfy my identity i got a limit of 16200 CHF (£12775) annual limit.

Yes I did verify my identity and was told I had a £4000 annual limit. But I still don’t know what the limit applies to, card spending, bank transfers or both.

Also I have no idea what documents I could send to verify I have money. My savings are in a variety of accounts, I keep little surplus money in my main bank as it pays no interest and I have pension accounts I draw on as and when needed

I think it means the topup limit
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