Top-up limit shown in wrong currency.


Hi. My revolut app shows my top-up limit per year in GBP which is correct. My wifes revolut app shows top-up limit in EUR. But we both are in UK, both have same UK address so she also should have her limit shown in GBP. We also have same nationality.



Thank you for contacting us. Depends on where she did set up her account. As I can see she has a Polish address.


Thank you Andreas for quick answer. Is there any way she can amend those details to get all values/limits shown in GBP?


Unfortunately no we cannot change the base currency. Why you would like to change it?


No particular reason to change it other than convinience - every time she want to do some transaction, calculation etc she has to change from EUR to GBP in menus. If cant be changed will live with that.


This is what I found out a couple of weeks ago, when having a similar problem. I thought my base currency should be £ as I top up in £, but it’s € as I used a phone number based in France. It really makes no actual difference to running the account, you can top up in £ or € just the same…

“In summary.
Your top up limit is set individually in your base currency.
Your base currency is determined by your phone number.
I have still to determine how exactly :r: works out how much you’ve topped up if you top up in a currency other than your base currency as FOREX rates fluctuate so much. Perhaps they take your top up and apply the FOREX rate at that moment and apply that amount to the limit accounting.
Top-up limits can be raised by applying to :r: with proofs of funding and an audit trail through all bank accounts leading to the :r: top-up. Screen shots of online banking statements are acceptable.
These documents can be compiled in a pdf on any machine, sent to your dropbox account and uploaded through the app.”