Top Up Limit reached beacuse of ineffective verification.

Hi there Revolut community ,I am Jesus Zegarra ,I just want to make you know I had created my account and ordered the premium card two hours ago and because of doing so before the verification with my passport/ID I have had to upload such documents afterwards ,even then ,there was no way to make the app recognize my face ,neither by using selfies coupled with my ID /Passport nor by using selfies coupled with stored ID/Passport images .
I do not really know why as my personal info in the documents is crystal clear stated and my face is clearly seen in the selfies ,now the app states I have somehow reached my top up limit after barely doing absolutely anything as the verification just doesn’t seem to work .
Furthermore ,I am not even sure.anymore that the card has effectively been ordered.
I would love so much for you to help me solve this issue as I find it absurd that right away after applying for the premium plan and topping -up the account is absolutely ineffective now.
Best regards.

You are based in the EEA, right?

Yes I am ,living in pain at this very moment and will travel to the UK in about two weeks.
Why ?

Because you need to be based in the EEA to be eligible for an account.

Alright, I guess the first step would be to complete the verification. Do you still have that option listed under your settings? If so, try to take a good picture of yourself and your passport and send it off. If that really still does not work I’d either contact support (but expect anything from up to two hours response times) or maybe @AndreasK can help you sort that out.

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Actually I have accidentally sent a single passport image and the app has been supposedly processing the verification for hours already ,I guess it has sort of “freezed” or entered into a loop.
It says my top-up limit is reached and since the “verification” is still on its way ,I cannot really do anything at this moment .
Seriously ,this is hilarious ,I have taken quite a few pics from all possible angles end even then ,it didn’twork ,for God’s sake am I unfortunate.

By the way mate ,how can I contact with Andrea by personal message ?
No such option is displayed on his profile.

An account needs certain permissions to send personal messages (either account age or number of postings, something of that sort). @henrikbjorn should be able to provide you with that permission manually

Have you tried contacting in app support?

Actually I have been contacted by them already and have helped me sort this out rather quickly ,so it is no longer an issue .
Thank you very much for your suggestion tho mate.

He did ,his suggestion was pretty spot-on indeed ,props to you as well chief :wink:

Hi there. Glad to hear that your query is resolved! :slight_smile: If you need anything else don’t hesitate to contact us.