Top up limit ongoing problem

I an still waiting for my top up limit to be increased. It’s been 3 weeks now. There is no customer support, no one replies to my requests. I can see lots of other users having similar problems. I love using revolut and have recommended it widely but you are dropping the ball with your lack of focus on customer support.


Did you make sure you got past the chatbot?

I have tried but I can’t.

AndreasK said on here that he had escalated it and someone would contact me but that was days ago and nothing has happened. It’s really not good enough. Revolut is positioning itself as an alternative to main stream banks but must perform better than this if it is to be taken seriously.

Oh, you mean

Well, then lets summon Mr. K. once more @AndreasK

Hi there. Apologies for the delay, I have passed this on to the relevant team and an agent will contact you via in-app chat shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Jessica, can you please help me too? I’ve uploaded documents and no one is responding to my chats in the support channel :frowning:

@AndreasK - can you pls help escalate this for me?

Hi @marcus_g. I’ve escalated this :slight_smile: