Top up limit issue

Hoping @AndreasK can help me!

I’m a homemaker in Dublin and my husband works abroad (Denmark). We both use Revolut. He usually tops up my account once a month for household bills etc of somewhere between €700 - €1000. This month the payment wouldn’t go through. Having contacted Revolut through the ‘Live Chat’ function on 24th March, I was informed that my limit was €5000. I was asked to submit evidence of income - but I cannot provode the documents requested (Wage Slips, Bank Statements) as it is transfers from my husband. My query has been ‘escalated’ to a senior team member. To date, a full week later, I have not been contacted and the chat function is no longer available to me.

I have previously verified my identity, as has my husband. Can anything be done to increase my limit? I have found the app great thus far, and it would be a shame for it to no longer be of any use to me…

Hey Caitriona

The compliance team are getting a lot of requests currently, sadly that is effecting a lot of people (there are many threads about people waiting days).

However in the Help Centre they have an article that specifies how to increase the top up limit and what kind of documents can be used.

You should read it if you haven’t already.