Top Up Limit Increase Waiting Waiting Waiting...


I have been a Revolut customer for more than a year and recently upgraded to Premium status. I am in the process of trying to purchase a property in a US dollars and wanted to transfer savings from Sterling to USD. I have reached my limit and requested an increase. The money I am using is coming from the liquidation of a company that I owned. I have provided the Inland Revenue documentation showing the money I received from the liquidation, the tax that I paid and also the money being credited to my personal bank account. Since the liquidation I have had the money in numerous savings accounts and invested in stocks and shares.
I have tried to explain the source of the funds to someone at Revolut but because this doesn’t fit the normal criteria, they seem unable to help and resolve my issue.
This process started about 3 weeks ago and is still ongoing. I recently sold some of my investments and credited money to my personal account, uploaded a recent bank statement showing this but still no response.
Please can someone at Revolut look at my situation and get this resolved?


Same here. Uploaded documents 2 weeks ago and chat went dead. Nobody there, no feedback or whatsoever.


And what is really frustrating is that there is no way of contacting anyone, all my subsequent communication via the Revolut Chat to Us function is ignored!


Apologies for the long wait. We’re receiving a high volume of requests which is causing delays in getting back to you.

An agent will be with you shortly.


Thank you @AndreasK I will keep an eye out on the Chat. Just a point to note I don’t get any notification on my phone to say that an agent is trying to communicate with me even though I have enabled Notifications in the Settings on the iPhone which means unless I check regularly I can miss an opportunity do communicate. Am I missing something here?


You could try to log out of the app and back in.


Thanks @Manaburner I have done that will see if it helps.