Top up limit increase denied as a student



I have been trying to increase my top up limit. I receive fund from my parents as I am currently a student. I have provided support with my parent’s proof of sources of income and the corresponding bank transfers. However, the support team said they could not increase my limit as long as I am not employed.

Is there any way to solve this issue? I have been very satisfied with Revolut and would hate to have to switch to another bank.

Many thanks


That’s really odd, maybe someone from @revolut like @Andreas or @JessicaZ can explain this to us.

As a student and a Revolut user for the last 3 months I’m afraid the same could happen to me. If this is the case then it’s a really bad thing.


you mean @AndreasK, but it seems he left already. you can spy on them at

to understand a bit better, what currency are you receiving and where do you live?


Thanks for your reply.

I am receiving funds in Euros and live in the UK, spending money in GBP.


I do not know if the regulations that demand a top up limit can be bend in somehow. This would make the system useless, wouldn’t it?

Maybe you could do a job to have any form of income.


That’s surely not necessary :slight_smile:

According to the KYC and AML rules what’s important surely is for Revolut to determine the PROVENANCE of the funds, that they have been legally earned, properly sourced and transferred etc. And it shouldn’t make any difference if they were the proceeds of a job, helpful parents or indeed winning the jackpot in the National Lottery! :slight_smile:

Any deviation from this principle is very dodgy, IMHO, totally judgemental and plainly wrong.

What MAY be an issue is if the request for increasing the limit was proactive, anticipating a monthly income from parents, as Revolut may judge this to be too variable compared to, say, a regular wage.

But parental help to their offspring is so common in this day that it shouldn’t be insurmountable for Revolut to devise systems to accommodate this scenario, especially if the payments were regular and repeated.


That’s what I meant. In german we say geregeltes Einkommen. Basically that means regulär income. I think that is basis dir accountability etc.

Everything else is more or less pocket money and may or may not come in next month.


an unknown that’s important is how much this pocket money is already :wink: living in the UK on your own is quite expensive so his current limit could be considered quite high already.

it might be that less-restrictuve dual currency account like transferwise’s or monese’s is more suitable


Hi there. As I can see the documents provided were not sufficient to increase your limits.


Hi Andreas,

Thank you very much for your reply. Could you please let me know what additional documents I can provide?

Many thanks