Top up limit hell

Like many others, I’m stuck in top up limit hell.

Trying to pay a bill and then being told that I need to supply info to increase the limit.

The difference here is that I have transferred money into my account but Revolut won’t release it and I assume neither will they return it back to my bank account which I would be happy with.

Like everyone else, stuck in this ridiculous 96 hour wait. 4 days!

Genuinely hate this company with a passion and regret not following through with my hunch and ditching them for TransferWise.

How can a company with such terrible customer service survive in 2018?


If you refuse to provide the requested documents they will probably send back the money.

The top-up limit is clearly indicated, customers need to be more proactive about it !

BUT I understand your situation, especially the waiting time with the support… good luck and be patient :slight_smile:

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I don’t see that they do offer something unique. What do they offer that TransferWise don’t?

This sounds like you are advertising TransferWise, however, this is a different product not suitable for the case you described (paying a bill). What’s the point?

“Like everyone else” sounds very unnatural.

Whenever I contact Revolut support they usually respond within a few minutes.
I am on a premium plan though.

despite been prepaid Revolut allows you more than one card and for businesses more than one user. exchange rates are also better here even after paying the monthly fee as transferwise charges a percentage and Revolut’s is fixed.

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Couple of things:

I’m not advertising anyone. I’m just thinking that as the obvious competition, TransferWise surely couldn’t offer worse customer service?

Secondly, I acknowledge that this is beginning to sound a bit Monty Python, what have the Romans every for us.

But I am truly astonished at the awful delay for any response from customer services and as mentioned previously cannot believe that in 2018 they consider this anything like acceptable.

If one has an invoice to pay in a different currency, what is the best alternative to Revolut?

I have business account on transferwide and revolut. I have good uses for both. I wouldn’t pay a bill using Revolut free transfers, but I do use their virtual cards to pay online.

@anon33247966 @anon71086934 I need some help with my top up limit (Since the 1st of June I can’t have my money) and I don’t have any response in my chat with Rita

Rita didn’t receive enough training, not her fault.

if you are with rita, live agent should get you pass her. if you are on a dead queue resolved should release you

Thank you!writing the word resolved i could finish the chat whit Rita. I started again but no response…16hours more they said. One day more without my money since one week…

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It’s impossible contact with someone. The bot made me wait 16 hrs or 24hrs and then “our agents are extremely busy” are you kidding? How can I contact with someone in this app/virtual banc…? That’s a nightmare

Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible.

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