Top up limit dedicated team not responding


When you exceed 30k the topup Gers blocked. Message says dedicated team to come back within 96!!! Hours. If dedicated then it should be faster then this and definitely within the 96 hours, I’m already waiting for 110 hours and No response even though inquiring.

You need an escalation mechanisme!


Same here. I’m a Premium plan user and waiting 5th day already for someone to get back to me with limit extension request. This starts to not feel like a premium service :confused:


I know this is frustrating and not very helpful, but it might be helpful for other customers reading this.

It is recommended to raise the limit before hitting it. This way, waiting time won’t be shorter, but one can avoid inaccessible funds.


Well…I’m not sure this is the case.

I’ve hit 2/3rds of my top up limit and sensibly tried to increase my limit by submitting documentation, showing full provenance of funds, ownership etc. After several days wait the Compliance department asked me to wait until I reached my limits and then to apply again.

Seems counterintuitive to me. And also overly bureaucratic. And not really providing the frictionless functionality that Revolut was created for.

I’m now wondering whether this is a not too subtle way of Revolut imposing limits on supposedly ‘limitless’ Premium accounts Forex availability. And not strictly related to NYC. I hope I’m wrong.


There is a threshold where the in app screen will show the button to submit documents. The directions shown in the app read “when you’re coming close to your limit, verify source of funds” – I am paraphrasing, my localized version of the app does not show the English text.

Also, If you’re going to plan one huge transfer that would hit the limit way before “coming close”, like when you sold your house, you can tell support this and they should be willing to raise the limit. At least that’s what they told me.


Well that’s exactly my scenario. A house purchase. And Compliance told me ‘we cannot act in anticipation of future transactions’

So conflicting (and frustrating) advice.


I see.

A workaround could be to transfer a 1st amount that will come close to the limit but not hit it. Then raise the limit.Then transfer the rest.


Yes that’s an option. Might try that once I’m back from travelling.

But I’ve expended quite a few hours already recently dealing with compliance, so I think I’ll take a short break and recharge batteries! :wink:.

Thanks for the suggestion. I only hope that processes will be smoother and more efficient once the banking licence is granted.


I am waiting for 3 days to get verified and have limits increased (premium user).


I think the wait is like 4 working days currently


it took 4 working days. my first time verification took 2 weeks I remember.


I am waiting for 11 days now, my transfer is blocked saying I am almost reached my yearly limit, which I did not… I uploded all the proofs, no one looks into it , re-opened the case/ the chat, typed live agent many times and all i got is from facebook chat 2 times already, that they are extremely busy and my case is escalated to management…


I’m really sorry you are having so much troubles verifying the source of your funds.
I saw @rafael_revolut around, he might be able to help you.