Top-up issues; no more 3D secure?



I’ve been using Revolut frequently for the last couple of months, and have topped up through my cards without any issues, until now.

My cards I use to top up with are 3D secure, and I have previously been redirected to the windows where I provide the necessary codes.
Two days ago I wanted to top up and started the process, but to my surprise I was not redirected to the 3D secure window.

I simply got a window saying “you have topped up with X”, but needless to say - without the 3D secure verification the transactions were not approved.

There are no issues with the card, and as the only change in process is the 3D verification now being overridden I would like to ask for your help.

Best regards,


Hey @lind.gustav :slight_smile:

After you reach a top-up threshold, :r: will “trust” you and ommit the 3Dsecure verification for convenience purposes :wink:


Hi @Juliopp

Thanks for the swift reply!
Alright, any idea if one can reinstate the need to go through the 3Dsec verification?
Always nice to be trusted, but not being able to top-up is a bit of a lose-lose situation :confused:

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Hey @lind.gustav :slight_smile:

What do you mean you’re not able to top-up?
If the app shows that “you’ve topped up blah blah blah”, the top-up request should have been submitted and you should be able to see the top-up transaction (either successful or failed) in the transaction list :confused:


Hi @Juliopp

The transactions all fail ever since the 3D secure part got omitted; that’s the problem :confused:


Hey @lind.gustav :slight_smile:

I missed that part in the first message :frowning:

I guess the fastest way to get this solved would be to either:

  • Get in touch with your bank through the phone and confirm whether they’re blocking :r: transactions and if they could unlock them. This happened to me once. :bank:
  • If your bank confirms they’re not blocking anything, get in touch with :r: support team through the More tab of the app, clicking Support, Live chat and then typing live agent when greeted by the robot :wink:


Gustav, please get in touch with your bank. 3D secure isn’t the issue here :slight_smile: