Top up issues and terrible customer support


Is anyone else having issues with funds not hitting their Revolut acccount from topping up and getting no support from customer service?

I’m not sure how this company can operate without having a proper customer service. Every time I try to speak to someone on the chat, I’m told there is no one available, the one time someone responded to me was at midnight when I had been trying to get through at 8am - not much help there. And now I’m not getting any response at all. I can’t even find an email address or number to call. I’m beyond frustrated and just baffled at how incompetent a company it is.

Any suggestions on how I can get my issue resolved in a sensible way?


Never had a top up issue but on the other hand I contacted support 22 hours ago and still waiting for their response…

Once they do reply, they will just say: “apologies for the inconvenience, our support team has been facing great demand for support”.


Hey guys, we are very sorry for the delay. We are making it a top priority to minimise our wait time and get back to everyone as quickly as we can. Our weekend support hours are from 12-6 UKT.


Larysa I’m sorry but that response is a cop out. I contacted Revolut at 8am on Friday and they responded at midnight on Friday.

I don’t understand how you could possibly think it is appropriate to have that kind of delay when people might have fraud or serious concerns about their account/need for urgent help. I wouldn’t expect a long relationship with your customers.


Hopefully they get back to you quicker than they have me. Issue still isn’t resolved.

Support chat is a disfunctional way to help customers when there is no one ever available to chat. My girlfriend has recently had the same issue with he same robot response.


I saw this and went into Starling Bank to ask a question via their live chat. No sooner had I started the chat their advisor came straight online and answered my question within a minute.

I appreciate their account isn’t fully running yet, but it sure looks hopeful for great service. I understand that Revolut have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people signing up, I’m not sure why, it’s a great idea and a smart app, just let down by the most important thing, help when you most need/want it. You can’t sell the app as a worldwide money app and only offer patchy service between UK daytime hours, and non existent help out of UK office hours.

All you get is (a lot of) dissatisfaction from your customers, and people thinking twice about signing up.


They’ve only got 500 customers.


Revolut is full of problems…
I have made the terrible mistake to rely on them…I am terribly disappointed …my account got blocked and I could not use the card of course while traveling! I am still on the move…and I am very curious to see what happens to my money


If they continue with that type of customer service as they grow, it’s a good sign. I guess only time will tell.

However, Revolut don’t seem to have the best track record already I don’t wish to seem disparaging about Revolut as I really love the product and the concept, but the customer service hasn’t caught up. I’d just love them to catch up a bit.


Now the new normal @ revolut that for chat support you have to wait around 1 day! Anytime I tried to contact I got an answer after 24 hours. So better we calculate with this. Hopefully nothing serious happens but you can just pray for this or you give up… Quite sad actually compared at the beggining of the service… Is it better for premium card holders? Maybe revolut should say frankly this is the service level. Last advice could be they channel somehow people who ate really in trouble for a real live chat and who dont need that urgent maybe this 24 hours waiting…


Yes, it is way better for Premium users. I have tried Premium for one month for free and the difference is enormous - I would usually get an answer after a few minutes to max 1h of waiting.

As soon as I switched back to standard account, I waited anywhere from 6-32h.


So already a two tier service? Get duff service for free, or pay £6.99 pm for (what service you should get) better service.

A massive shame, as the app and idea are great, but it isn’t something I’m going to pay £6.99 for. Monzo customer service is on the button as well, and should think they have a reasonable amount of customers now, but they have clearly scaled their back office as they’ve grown. Their customer support is also near instant.

With Revolut I just like the idea of saving Euros when the rates are good which at the minute I think they are unique in offering. As soon as the other new upcoming banks catch on it’ll be more challenging for Revolut if they can’t offer the desired customer service to people. I see more and more people complaining on the forums about the (lack of) customer support.

The new challenger banks are offering free foreign spending with no monthly fee and unlimited overseas withdrawals, with top notch customer support, so can anyone as Revolut advise how they intend to counter this and compete???


-Revolut offers unlimited foreign transactions with no money fee. The limitations are for ATM withdrawals, which are monthly. In addition, I’m not aware of any other challenger bank/fintech startup that offers currency accounts like Revolut.
-Unlimited overseas ATM withdrawals: Do you have an example?


No I know Revolut are unique in the overseas accounts you can load up and that’s what I love about it. It’s just hamstrung slightly by the low overseas cash withdrawal limit 200 a month.

I thought Monzo was unlimited but it’s £250 per day with a £3000 limit which is great for me, but you have to chance what rate it is when you use the ATM. But the £3k limit is ideal for me. If only Revolut could get nearer that amount it’d be perfect.


Hello, I have a Revolut card and I’d like to know some news.

  1. I can top up only in Euro beacuse I have a bank account in France.
  2. I have to travel to USA and I will need to pay in USD. If I have some USD on my Card REVOLUT, when I pay, the cash will go out from my USD "wallet"ou my EUR ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Stef,

You should always top-up in your local currency If applicable, in your case EUR. Revolut will convert your every transaction in best possible rate!

Have fun on your trip! :slight_smile:



But if I have some USD on my REVOLUT, can I use USD to pay in the USA ?
Or every sending will be in EUR ?
So why can we change EUR / GBP / USD with Revolut if we can use them?


I was under the impression that the local currency was the default if you had some, then pounds/your local currency converted to that currency thereafter?


@Stef If you have enough money from USD in the wallet to cover the transaction, you will get changed from USD otherwise you will charged from EUR or GBP depends where you have the available amount of money!


OK, so If I hve enough USD on my card it’s automatic to pay in USD ?