Top Up is not free anymore ?


I have been using the same card since I joined to Revolut and all my previous top ups were free . Card has been issued by an EUbank and use Eur to top up. Today it charged me surprisingly for 0,32 eur . Connected to the support and they advised me to use bank transfer ? I told them this is the same card what I used yesterday for another top up and it was free … still there is no resolution but I dont understand what happened since yestwrday and why my card became non european?


Hey, what bank are your card issued from?


Sometimes banks issue both consumer cards and business cards within the same range of numbers. Business cards at more expensive for Revolut, hence an additional fee.

Since a merchant can not always determine if a cad is a consumer or business card, just send them some proof that your cad is indeed a consumer card and they will update their systems.


Hi , K&H Bank Hungary