TOP UP in Swiss Francs - Hidden charges by Revolut

Hallo Frank - sorry I sent a lot of money around with SWIFT - and I had never something to do with “intermediaries”.
SWIFT exists for about 40 years and in the beginning there has been something like “intermediaries”. But nowadays every more or less “important” bank has direct access to SWIFT-server.

At the receiving side there are some countries / banks they charche for receiving money . Expl: Thai banks charge 250 THB for the money you send with SWIFT - so you have always to add 250 THB to the money you like to send - otherwise the receiver has not the amount he expect.

So: Lloyds say they do not charge a fee for SWIFT when it comes the electronic way. The rest you can imagine: R and nobody else…


Hi @siri , my experience with SWIFT transfers from/to the US is different and more complex, but that aside, my other points still stand:

Where did you get your information about Lloyd’s not applying a fee for incoming SWIFT transfers, because this website I found does indeed mention a fee for receiving international transfers (link below) and how valid can public information for consumer from Lloyd’s be here due to the nature of the setup (Revolut not being a consumer but a B2B customer). Big corporations can of course negotiate fees for services with banks and you won’t find that in a price list online.

Here is another link to a Lloyd’s business section webpage. The fees for incoming international transfers are mentioned here as well:

Dear Frank - you are right - ther are some Lloyds charges displayed at www.Lloyds

Electronic payments received from abroad Up to £100 (£2)
Over £100 (£7)

ok - even with £7 (CHF 10)
I top up my CHF account with 1000, and I pay CHF 10 : is abt 1 %
for clever top ups I suggest top up 5000 CHF , I still pay 10 : is 0.2%

So you see, as more I top up the account as less (in percent) is the fee.
(Lloyds sceme)

And now : Revolut has to explain why they use another not consumer friendly sceme of fees (1%) than displayed at Lloyds.


I recently used the IBAN (GB) Revolut provided (plus the Unique ID), no charges at all, not from my Bank (UBS) nor Revolut. It took approx. 18h to be credited.

Have you made the Transfer in EUR or CHF?

In CHF of course, this is very important, otherwhise (for my case) UBS sets the exchange rate. My base account in Revolut is in CHF. I assume Revolut also created a EUR account as well, I can’t remember I ever did this.


I have also sent a payment with UBS to the GB IBAN with reference number.
Without fees, the entire amount arrived arround 30h later. :+1:

I have also tested the prepaid credit card of UBS, also without charge. UBS has been charging CHF 1.75% on foreign payments since May 2017. Prepaid should not be charged later… i hope :grimacing:

Cannot say that CHF Top-Ups are free of charge. Just paid again CHF 25.00 for my last one… As said fees occur at UBS or Lloyds… My bank sends a domestic payment to UBS…

There is now a charge by Revolut for UBS Prepaid Cards :persevere::unamused:

We seem to be progressing backwards!

…as in the other thread (1), there are HIGHER fees for swiss only now. We need some clarity from revolut, at this is outrageous. as if they don’t want customers from Switzerland anymore… (the old “make the service miserable and unusable for those you don’t want as customers”-tactic. Not illegal - yet working. What good is revolut if topping-up becomes more expensive than having one of these overprices EUR-account from a swiss banc…)

(1) SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods

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It takes me a lot of time to gather information from this forum and banks website.
I think I have the missing piece to understanding it all.
Revolut has a business account at LLoyds (which I think is pretty interesting to their business model since the business account with Lloyds allows to have multi foreign currency accounts attached to the same business entity).

Lloyds does not charge any fees for in and out payments such that Revolut transfers on your account the exact amount that Lloyds credited on its account.

In Europe today (western economies to say the least), telecommunications make money transfers easy. Sending money from Switzerland to the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, etc… does not require any third party for a SWIFT transfer. Banks in those countries have direct access to the SWIFT platform. However, if you transfer money to a developing country, you may expect a third party that helps the sending bank in the money delivery process.

As far as the fee scheme for international payments for business accounts is free with Lloyds bank, Revolut will not charge any money .

While transferring money from switzerland to your revolut CHF account, if you incur fees, then it is your sending bank that eats up part of your money.
i know it is infuriating regardings the fee scheme that banks practice but you will always know what to expect if you take the time to find those informations from the banks website.

For instance, if you want to wire money abroad from bank A to B, you should first check the fees that bank A practices for sending money internationally (with all cost options available) and the same for the recipient bank B. This will help decide the best cost choice while sending the money from A.

Hence, to top up your CHF revolut account, the best way is a bank transfer (since Revolut itself charges ridiculously high mark up even for debit card). For amount under 150 CHF, postfinance is the best option with cost of 2 CHF. For amount above 150 CHF, UBS charges 5 CHF for shared cost scheme, better than postfinance that charges 2+6 CHF. Again, this because, Lloyds business account in-payments is free.


yet, revolut claimes receiving money from CH shall be cost-intensive, why they’re asking for fees…

They say that only about topping up with cards.

Interchange fees for Swiss cards are higher, 0.44 percent, if I remember correctly. Instead of 0.2/0.3 for EU issued cards.

The interchange fee Revolut can charge is only 0.2 percent.

Leaving all other fees for payment processing aside, topping up with a Swiss card and then paying with the Revolut card would generate a loss due to interchange fees alone.

@Frank you are right about that, plus add-on fees may be part of the explanation. Need to investigate more.
By the way, UBS confirm that international transfer to the US always involve third parties, but can’t say for transfer within Europe (it may or may not).

I got this CHF 25 fee as well. This seems to be random but it may be above some threshold or only with some banks. In any case it makes Revolut way less attractive. So when can we get Swiss IBAN or post account? It’s even more important now that prepaid cards have fees. Even if we have to pay fees on topup by Swiss IBAN/Post account, it may still be preferable to SWIFT fees as Revolut fee would be transparent and not paying to a random intermediary and random amount. But I believe it should be possible to setup an account in Switzerland we can pay to with less than 0.25% fee. Pooled account is fine

So for now the cheapest option still is to use services like transferwise. I have recently found an alternative which is at times cheaper than transferwise, it is called currencyfair.

Using this invite link: , we both get 40€ once 2000€ or more were cumulatively transferred.

Alternatively another transferwise link for anybody who is interested:


Same here: I transferred 500 CHF from my swiss bank account (BCV) to Revolut IBAN, and was debited 506 CHF, while only 475 CHF arrived at Revolut… and this was on the 15th of september 2018. BCV told me they applied their usual fee of 6 CHF (this is OK I knew it from the start), and Revolut said they didn’t charge any fee. So how is that even possible that some intermediary bank is allowed to litteraly “steal” 25 CHF ?

Hi everyone…i’m new within the Revolut scene and I tried to transfer CHF to my Revolut Card: First I transfered 500 CHF via Transferwise (in EURO) to the card. Result: I received CHF 486.28. Then I transfered CHF 500 via my bankaccount (Aargauische Kantonalbank): They charged me CHF 4 for the transfer…and I received CHF 475 on my Revolut card!! Is there no other way to loose less money on this transfers? It doesn’t make sense to have the Revolut card when the costs are so shocking high…:roll_eyes:

Hi @pcsteiner,

There is the way :wink: Have a look here: