Top up in PLN


Hello Revolut Business Team,

Could you please tell me how I could top up our account in PLN?



Hi @volfen

Topping up your Revolut Business account is very simple. You just need to perform a bank transfer using PLN account details which you can find in the Accounts section of the business website. :man_technologist:t2:


But I have a problem with transfer. In PLN I could only make to polish bank.


@volfen Could you perhaps get in touch with your bank and ask if you can perform international transfers?


Yes we can, but only in EUR or USD or GBP.


In which bank do you have an account?
And remember and free of fee and the fastest way to topup is using debit/ credit card.
To send money via bank transfer you have to choose “przelew międzynarodowy/ walutowy” or something like that (in BZWBK- F/X Transfer> SWIFT transfer which means Przelew walutowy > zagraniczny i krajowy).
And remember for 99% it’ll cost some fee…


redi I know I am using topup via card at my personal account. This
option isn’t avaliable at business account.
I am using Idea Bank and there is only posibility to transfer PLN to
polish account in Poland :confused:


Hmmmm, I have contacted them. See screenshots


OK Thanks I will contact with them directly.


I have the business account and there isn’t this option.