Top up in other currencies (CHF, PLN, CZK, CAD, ...)


Any news or time estimation about JPY? Next quarter? Next year? :smile:


How about CZK? Thanks in advance.


You will love the new one. All custom built as usual :wink:


I’ll get back to you guys about the other currencies


Please include CZK! :slight_smile:


Just FYI, you can vote here, if you haven’t already: Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? 📊


What’s coming in 4.2 version then? :slight_smile:


PLN and CHF are added as top up currencies in 4.2 :slight_smile:


I was under impression that these currencies were coming in 4.3 update as stated by @edward.


Me too! :confused: @edward can you clear things up please?


You are right, it should have been in 4.2 but they changed it and will be 4.3 now.


Yes we had to swap releases around. 4.3 is additional currencies. 4.2 is “Turbo Transfers”. It will be an option for faster bank transfers kind of like expedited delivery


Thanks edward, good to see that Revolut is starting to communicate a bit about its roadmap :slight_smile:


I hope HUF will come soon too. Is there any chance?


Is this the FPS (, or something else?


@capital I think that should be something different, because Faster Payments are all ready provided!


How do you mean “they are already provided”? I understood this was to mean that Revolut would be offering quicker transfers at additional cost.


Do you have the source of this info?


@edward: Can you please give a few more details about how the top-up will work (debit card/bank transfer) for CHF/PLN and what will be the charges (if any) taken?

Will there be a possibility to transfer CHF in a local bank Swiss account (so no charges will be taken by the banks)?



It seems that in Revolut application I see added accounts for top up CHF and PLN …:open_mouth: