Top up in other currencies (CHF, PLN, CZK, CAD, ...)


It looks like Revolut has preferred currencies of interest to British tourists before the holidays … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::confused:


HUF pleeeese! :slight_smile: The moment it arrives I’m terminating my current bank account and switching for premium! :r:


Hi @AndreasK,

Is there any plan to allow card top up in the new currencies?

I tried a bank transfer of 10sgd and was charged by my bank 50sgd! (Including 15sgd by Revolut bank).

The cost of toping up just kills (at least for me) the benefit of having the new currencies.

Count me as a Premium customer the day you allow Card top up in SGD.

Currently I have my SGD card verified and I use it but get charged 0.3% by my bank for each top up in a different currency (since SGD is not available).

Can use my card for beta testing if you want lol :grimacing:



Hi @arnaud,

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we’re looking into the possibility of topping up with cards. Hopefully, we will be able to support it in the near future.


Hi @AndreasK, is the rest of European countries (mainly CZK and HUF) coming soon as well? As a temporary workaround I use a EUR account, but that means losing something over 1 % due to exchange spread CZK --> EUR. But still better than nothing, thanks for that! :slight_smile:


More base currencies will be added soon…:slight_smile:

Please add more currencies for card top-up

I have a question. Does the term “soon” mean from an economic or historical or geological point of view? :wink: :smiley:


Well SGD ILS? Actually strange what was the selection choice


My bet would be in September. As far as I read they are switching to WireCard which gives them more flexibility and allows them have more currencies…maybe Andreas will confirm me :slight_smile:


I topped up by debit card in RON currency & got charged 1%. Isn’t topping up by debit card free?


Salut! Si eu imi pun RON cu un card de debit, dar nu am niciun comision! :thinking:


În aplicație nici mie nu-mi arată că aș plăti comision, dar m-am uitat pe extrasul bancar al contului(cardului) și acolo apare de ex. în loc de 50.00 de lei, 50.52 lei.
In the app it says “No fee”, but on my bank account statement it appears as 50.52 RON, when I top up with 50 RON.



BRD Maestro:

Withdrawn more money than the top-up I did

S-ar putea sa fie asta? :thinking:

“Include comisionul BNR: pentru plăţi interbancare de mică valoare: 0.51 lei şi pentru plăţi de mare valoare: 6 lei; în cazul instrumentelor de debit compensate electronic, BNR percepe un comision de 0.88 lei pentru încasări, iar pentru plăţi nu percepe comision. Dacă plata se efectuează din contul escrow în contul curent, comisionul aferent acestei plăţi se va reţine din contul curent”


Salut, nu e nici un comision de la banca, baietii de la Revolut fac debitarea contului Maestro trimitand catre banca locala (in cazul de fata BRD) un ordin de debitare pe o suma echivalenta in EUR. Ca atare BRD ti-o schimba automat la paritatea zilei (pt ca Maestro e emis pe ct de lei) si de aici costurile suplimentare. Daca Revolut ar initia in RON debitarea cardului, n-ar fi nici o problema…

S-a deschis si aici un topic.


I have an exciting update :slight_smile:

In a couple of weeks you will be able to top up your account with CZK :tada::tada::tada::tada:


That’s a great news. Thank you


Nice to know that. What about the other “couple of weeks”, “coming soon”, and “around the corner” things? :joy:

In case of currencies- what about HRK?


Very nice, thank you :+1: