Top up in other currencies (CHF, PLN, CZK, CAD, ...)


It’s finally live :wink:


It works with iOS. :wink:

+1 for CZK, CAD, AUD as the next currency :+1:


Guys please CZK. I bought a premium subscription to use revolut at home. But no CZK still((


+1 for CZK, RON, HUF, BGN and other EEA currency :wink:


Also waiting for CZK top up. It was promised during latest invesment pitch and no delivery yet.


Now we have built the tech out, adding currencies is merely a matter of putting together the right acquiring deals for each currency. So no more development needed, just deal making :wink: We’ll be adding more currencies as these deals start to come together, and you won’t even need to update your app :slight_smile:

Please add more currencies for card top-up

Hope it will be soon. I plan to use Revolut as my main card for online shopping and travelling


Me too! Revolut would be my daily driver if I’d be able to top up in my home currency (RON) :wink: Hope it’ll become available soon!


Just confirmed - SEK, DKK, NOK and RON coming within the next few months :heart_eyes:


Wohoooo! I look forward for MKD :heart_eyes::heart:


I am also a Premium customer!! CAD please!!!


:muscle: :v:️:point_down:


And what about CZK? :wink:


Very excited for this! I personally’d like to see RUB in this list.


Hi. I have problem with auto top up in PLN. System seems my card denominated in EUR and that is not true. What i should to do?


Just top up and ignore the warning.


yes i know, but by auto top-up thats is a problem. System will not top
up. The system is silly and does not know what to do.

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Hi could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so we can get in touch?



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+1 for CAD.

A premium user that just moved to Canada and that looooves Revolut :blush: