Top up in EUR (SEPA) from Switzerland



I have a CHF account in Switzerland and I did the other day a SEPA transfer (in EUR of course) to my Revolut account in EUR (only IBAN and BIC, no reference code was showing up) and 3 days later I get the surprise that my transfer go rejected and I even lost some money in the process.

What did I do wrong? I don’t understand why it didn’t work



did you send EUR from your CHF account for sure?


If it was a SEPA transfer it must have been euros. Maybe the BIC issue?


The BIC number gets filled up by XXX at the end like if the given BIC was too short or something. Is that normal?

My transfer receipt shows as sepa transfer in EUR so that should be fine


The xxx are okay. That’s normal. Critical are all the other letters. It needs to be „21“, not „2L“. Exactly like it is shown in the app.