Top-up in CZK limited daily to CZK 250 (cca 10€)

Hi, Thanks for adding the top-up option in CZK! I believe there’s a bug though - the daily limit is set to 250 CZK (which is around 10€). Could you look into it, pls?
Thanks, David

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Basically the same problems as Wrong top up limit, always considering Euro

It seems the support tooks some days off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But they should have a look asap because it’s really annoying…

Thx in advance @AndreasK

Does this happen for everybody? I just created the account and I can top up only 250 CZK so I cannot order the card because it is appr 9.80€ in Revolut and to order the card you have to have 10 €. Annoying stuff :sweat:

Same here, there is another thread where there is confirmation that this is known and being worked on.

Same problem. Great that top up by card is added for czk, but limit is crazy low. Bought Premium, have to top up for 10 days to pay for it. : )

Hi there. Our tech team is working on a fix. Thank you for your feedback and your patience! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, any news about this issue? fixed?

Thx a lot

It works now for me. I was able to top up with 280 CZK today.

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