Top-up HUF by credit card

Hi Revolut team, it would be great to have the possibility to top up the Hungarian Forint account by only using a credit card, too many foreigner workers would appreciate this fact.

Still you are going forward with the company and you are doing a great job guys.

Thank you for this idea.


Good point!
Without Card top-up in Hungary (HUF) … The Revolut is really bad for the locals. SEPA transfer is charged big time by the banks.
I’m really eager to see Card top-up in HUF!
Cheers !

Use the free Curve card to topup in HUF (or any other currency).

It’s a proxy card between the merchant/provider and your bank’s card. You can use all of your cards and you can switch between them easily. You can topup Revolut in EUR (or GBP, RON, USD, and any other card topupable option in Revolut) and it converts your payment to your bank card’s currency (HUF) at interbank rate (like the Revolut does) and debits it in that currency (HUF).

I’m using it, it works flawlessly, problem solved on my side.

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