Top-up HSBC UK trough Apple Pay - considered cash advance


Today I was shocked to see that the TOP-UP of revolut using a HSBC UK credit card trough Apple Pay is considered by HSBC to be a cash advance and charged with interest accordingly. What is weird, is that direct credit card top-up is not the same, is seen as a normal payment and interest is not charged.

Now I don’t know if I should complain to HSBC and risk the normal credit card to be the same, or should keep quiet.



As far as I know Revolut processes top ups as regular payments.


Your transferring cash to another account (and not spending it). Credit cards only make money when you spend your money. Transferring to another account is consider cash advance. Otherwise we would all transfer our credit card balance to an account, invest it for a month for free, then pay it back before interest is charged and make ourselves some money at banks expense…


Despite what :r: process credit card top ups as, they are technically cash advances and if the credit card company charges you as such I can’t see much can be done about it.


That’s correct, the card issuer can, merchant codes and transaction details aside, decide to charge fees for certain kind of transactions. I was trying to make the point that this is something better to be discussed with the card issuer.


Understand, but why the difference in how an Apple Pay payment is considered Cash Advance, and directly using the card is not.


I’d let sleeping dogs lie.

Have noticed also that HSBC now consider TransferWise top ups by credit card to be cash advances, and have started charging interest.

Maybe direct Revolut top ups will be next?


That’s a fair assumption.


It seems it was not Revolut transfers generating interest, it was Transferwise. So Transferwise seems to be considered cash advance when paying by HSBC CC, and Revolut is still considered as an online payment. My bad, had a chat with HSBC and they made it clearer.