Top up GBP account with USD via bank transfer



I’m trying to transfer USD via bank transfer to my revolut account. I managed to get one payment through, but today I’ve tried twice and both times my bank has been unable to transfer due to “Beneficiary has refused credit”. I’ve checked and double checked the USD bank details and they seem correct. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I’d ask through support, but the wait times are frankly ridiculous!


And of course I get through to support and they can’t help for 2 days.


@tomwardio try to ask them on twitter @revolutapp or on facebook messenger sometimes its faster.
Tell here if all works.


I tried that, no answer. Still not got an answer, been waiting nearly 3 days now. My last attempt to bank transfer has now been stuck in limbo for 48hrs, so have effectively lost my money.

Could someone take a look? Everytime I ask on chat support, I’m told to wait for the accounts department to get back to me.