Top-up from virtual card questions

This is a question for Revolut’s team.

Why is you in-app support saying that they don’t recommend to use virtual card to top-up since they cant be confirmed. What is this confirmation, what is being used for and why is needed since you can top-up from unconfirmed card anyway?

Not Revolut’s team, but:

-One verification method for determining the legitimacy of the debit/credit card is taking a photo of the card via the camera. Given how a virtual card is virtual, this cannot happen.
-The physical confirmation (via the photo.) is important, as it reduces the instances where fraud occurs, whereby virtual cards that have been stolen are used to top-up pre-paid cards and then spent instantly. The fact that the card is physical means that a third-party (The issuing bank.) has already done their KYC/AML checks, therefore ensuring that the integrity of the financial system is intact.

if its about security why there is possibility to top-up without card confirmation?

-1) Mandating physically-issued debit cards means that chance of fraud is lower, due to the fact that the third-party issuer will have already done their KYC/AML checks.
-2) If (a series of) transactions appear to be suspicious, further identity verification and documentation will probably be required. This may entail presenting evidence of the debit card. Given how a virtual card is not in corporeal form, this means that it is harder to verify.