Top up from Paypal did not arrive



I had already made a few successful top ups from my paypal account to my revolut account via SEPA transfer.

But I have made a top up on January 28, and another on February 3rd , and they are missing.

After checking with paypal, they have confirmed that the Bank Transfers were made successfully to my SEPA account, and have been accepted, so…

Revolut, where is my money ? Please Help!


Hola, @rfdomingos :slight_smile:

Please, search the forum for the term REVOGB2L (click here to search) to check if this issue might have affected you :thinking:


Yes, this issue affected me. What worries me is the lack of answer or feedback. In my case it was a Paypal transfer, so I can’t even talk to the bank…

Revolut asks to wait one more work week for the transfer to bounce, and then I’ll have to check with Paypal.

Revolut should had warned all users via email, sms or notification to avoid doing SEPA transfers as soon as they identified the issue.


While this is true, as soon as they fixed the BIC problem major banks had the problem solved over night (db update/sync). My own bank updated it really quick (the next morning it was okay).
I’m quite surprised Paypal didn’t update their database as quickly :thinking:


Since we’ve got this “IBAN only” regulation, banks might rely on vendors dealing with the BIC lookup for them. I am not sure if this related at all, but Paypal obtained a banking license in Luxembourg. Could be that Paypal source this out to a service provider there and can’t update it on their own. Who knows?!