Top up from Payoneer debit card


So, I get paid in my Payoneer account. I have a Payoneer prepaid card, in USD, it is even written in bold on it - “USD currency”.

But when I try to use it on Revolut to top up my Revolut USD account, Revolut detects it as a GBP card, which it obviously is not.

Any ideas ?


Hey @Attreyu :slight_smile:

It might be using a UK payment processor or just be issued in the UK. You can still force the top-up to happen in USD :wink:


Hey @Attreyu, how did you manage to add the revolut account to Payoneer? I get an error that the IBAN should have 24 characters (mines in Revolut are all 22-char). Thanks!


@alvaro.dmp - I haven’t even tried, I’m waiting for Revolut to offer unique USD IBANs, because for the moment they only have generic USD accounts with some refference number on them.


@Attreyu this thing you mention happens in PayPal too. Yes, I also think it is the best thing to do. Wait for unique ones.