Top Up from Greek Bank Credit Card


Hello I am trying to Top Up my account from a Greek Credit Card but without success.

Greece is still under Capital Controls, a situation that puts limitation on transaction. I have contacted the bank about this situation and the bank told that they see the problem on the registration process that the Revolut uses to register the Credit Card. Seems that the transaction gets blocked by the capital controls rules that are currently applied in Greece.

Specifically is the small amount of money that Revolut uses in order to register the card for the first time that blocks the transaction. This could by due to the fact that the reasoning of the transaction may fall to one of the prohibited transactions that currently applies in Greece.

For example, before the relaxation of capital controls, I couldn’t buy clothes abroad, that’s because the specific account was registered as a clothes store and the transaction was blocked. Maybe something similar is the case for the blocking of registration of Greek credit cards at this moment.

Hope these information will help to resolve this annoying problem.

Top up- Card type is not supported

Hello and thanks for all these useful information. Regarding the top up by card process, I was able (at least one month or something, before) to do that with success (my debit card has a Mastercard logo and was issued by the National Bank of Greece). If I remember well, there were two times, the first one with 20€ (08. 09.'16) and the second one with 200€ (17.09.'16). Since then, everything was blocked and the only way was to follow the ordinary process, by sending money via bank transfer.
Nevertheless, two weeks ago I payed successfully for various services outside Greece (i.e. Euroleague tv monthly subscription etc).



Hello Ende,

Thanks also for your information. I hope this thing gets resolved in the near future since the top up with bank transfer takes a lot of time.


I have the same issue probably with Alpha Bank Visa card. I got five 1€ transactions (not confirmed and probably they will be not authorized). It seems that this is the registration charges for the first time but the application fails to continue and I’m returned to the Card Holder’s Address screen.


Dear Baskin,

Try this : fulfill the EXACT address details, which can be found from a simple e-statement of you Alphabank Bank. I mean the address name etc exactly as it’s stated in the statement. It happened to me as well, but after some shots I got it to work (at least for some weeks or so).


I’ll try although probably this is not the issue, because support informed me that Greek Credit cards are not authorized due to capital controls. I’ll give a try again, thanks for the hint.

I am redirected to Alpha’s secure web app and the it fails to redirect back. The 1€ transaction is listed on my account but is getting canceled after some time.


According to what the customer service of Alpha Bank told me, if the 1 € transaction for some reason wasn’t there (I mean if the registration of the card could be done in some other way) probably the registration could be completed without problems. Is anyone that uses this days Alpha bank Credit card without issues? (That has already registered the card in the past)


Yes, they told me the same but they cannot explain why the 1€ charge is failing… go figure…