Top-up from Credit Card now seen as Cash Advance

Interestingly despite Revolut recommending using google pay the exact opposite happens with my bank (santander UK). If I top up directly with revolut there is zero fees using google pay it’s classed as a cash advance with interest and fees.

18th June did a test £20 topup from my Vanquis credit card, still no fees and no interest

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Did you top up from Google pay using a credit card? Just wondering if I use google pay and my linked card is a credit card will I be charged

For me Google Pay using my Santander Credit Card= Cash Advance. Top up directly in revolut using the same credit card=Purchase.

I don’t use Google Pay, only topup direct from credit card, did another small (£20) test from Vanquis yesterday, again seen as purchase, no fee. My Capital One (Mastercard) card charges fee + interest, my Amazon (Newday, Mastercard) card refuses to allow topup, or rather it did last time I tried. Maybe because they offer a cash advance interest free for 6 months directly into my bank account.

Vanquis (Visa) is now my go-to card if I need to topup from credit card

Thanks for your reply, only will have to try and see if the same with nationwide credit card.