Top-up from Credit Card now seen as Cash Advance

I don’t understand what you mean sorry, the financial system here means your bank account is pretty much all you have besides credit

Transaction account would just be your bank account (which would have a debit card) and then you would use Revolut as a spending account only

Could you clarify?

I don’t know if this helps…

  1. I use my normal bank debit card for personal use in the UK.
  2. I use my Revolut card for overseas travel
  3. If I use my debit card overseas I am hit with a fee and bad exchange rate.
  4. If I use my credit card overseas I am hit with a fee and bad exchange rate.
  5. If I topup my Revolut from my credit card and then use that to pay hotels, restaurants etc… there is no fee and I get the best exchange rate.

I should add that my credit card is paid in full monthly by my business so no interest is accrued.

Hope that helps explain things

My transaction account did NOT have a debit card attached, only a “keycard”. I took your advice yesterday to apply for a debit card, which will be attached to the account. This may then resolve my issue. I would therefore like to thank you again for your contribution.

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