Top-up from Credit Card now seen as Cash Advance

For VISA credit card (issued by one of latvian bank). Dunno about other type of cards.

I can confirm that for my MC too (issuer: Cardcomplete, Austria) - was in a need to enable cash withdrawals to top up my revolut account. I cannot see any fees for now, but need to check when the payment has been settled. I will let you know, but think this might be a real issue to revolut as this was a huge advantage.
what someboy could check if you put a curve card in between - maybe that helps temporarily. i think i gonna order one.

ok now - so the booking has just been settled, and it seems it is considered as a cash boooking, but with no fees at all - which is still ok.l I will see on how this behaves on miles getting credited for spending money but i would guess no miles for such transaction.
in anyway this is good news so far to top up revolut with no cost. let’s see how long this lasts.

Did someone test this possible workaround with the curve card?

Someone in the ‘other’ topic did :point_down:t2:

Did anyone tried to Top-Up with Norwegian Credit Cards?

Curve card doesn’t help - I’ve already tried - no difference :(.

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i’ve just made a top-up with a mastercard credit card, mcc is still 4829

I’m glad I’m not the only one this has happened to. I transferred a number of small amounts over a few days and so got charged £3 each time, which I am really pissed off about. As you say, if Revolut had notified users about the change then I would have used my debit card instead. But in the past I had been doing this no problem and so it didn’t occur to me that anything would have changed.
I am now tempted to switch to another card as I have lost so much money due to this and it has undone any benefits I might have got from using Revolut.

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Same here - topped up by MC and got hit with a cash advance fee. If Revolut are going to make such a major change they should have communicated to their users in advance. Very poor CS.

Thankfully Virgin saw my transactions to Revolut and proactively told me about the change - it is really poor that Revolut decided not to warn anyone.

I’m intrigued on the Google / Apple pay front though - does that mean that Apple and Google don’t passthrough the MCC?

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Has anyone managed to top up using Googlepay/Gpay without being charged (as suggested by Customer Services)? I can’t see why this would work.

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Does top-up with Apple Pay using a Visa credit card behind it works without fee or is seen as cash advance also ?


I got charged with cash advance fees as well, and wondering who should I ask for a refund, my credit card’s bank or revolut? I asked both and they pointed fingers to each other. Being annoyed by the lack of any notice that would indicating this, I’m considering to file a complaint, but not sure who’s responsibility this would have been.

Any ideas?

The MCC codes for VISA and I guess for MasterCard too are back to old ones.

Unfortunately, I think the changes are legally sound. A lot of people with points based cards (ummm… including me) have been gaming this kind of thing for many years and, as far as I can tell, most holes in the system have now either been plugged or are not long for this world.

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The merchant fee on premium North American credit cards with points or cash back is in the 2% to 3% range. Paying that fee so that people can churn cash to get “rewards” is simply unsustainable. So it’s no wonder that this no risk free money opportunity got cut off.

Yes, the changes are legal that’s not a question, but I guess it is not supposed to be my responsibility to keep myself up to date with the MCC codes …

So I assume somebody should have notified me, and in that case ofc I would have stopped using my credit card for topups, preventing this from happening.

But I received no mentioned notification. Not even now, months after the change. So how does this work? Who changes what? Revolut, the bank, mastercard?

Who should have notified me?

Basically you always knew that cash advance costs a fee for your credit card. So it would be your responsibility.

I think it would have been sensible for Revolut to include a disclaimer/warning in the app, tbh


Why? It’s in your credit card ToS. I did not even know about the MCC change until I read about it here, because I for that reason never topped up with my CC (and many other reasons previously elaborated upon).

It’s not Revolut’s job to remind you about the small print and fees at other companies. I do not believe that is sensible at all — it’s an absurd suggestion.