Top-up from Credit Card now seen as Cash Advance

I assume so, otherwise the card issuer would have no control over card usage altogether. They would not agree to that with Google and Apple.

Exactly. Although Curve shortcircuited that for a while. Revolut support (screenshots above in this thread) was suggesting to use Google Pay to avoid topup fees, but they most likely meant it should be backed by a debit card.

This might work for you - Whilst you cant add funds via a reward credit card (via cure or directly) you could add funds via a card thats happy for fee free advances and pay it with curve to my reward card - Im just waiting to see the latter isnt seen as a cash advance etc

I can confirm this worked with no interest or other fees…

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I can confirm that there are still fees. I have tried both my standard MasterCard and my Virtual MasterCard, both top-ups appear as bank transfers and are charged a fee. I have requested the MCC codes from my bank to see them and will post after they respond. But it is completely hit or miss with the top-ups. One day it gets described as Money Payment and I have no fee, and then the other day it appears as money transfer and I get charged anywhere from 0.1 pounds to 3 pounds, depending on if the bank are generous. When I called them they just said: “That is what revolut is telling us. If they tell us this is a bank transfer we charge a fee. If they tell us it is a payment or ATM operation we do not charge a fee.” I had no problem in May, the problems started in June. One transaction with fee, one with no fee, depending on the day, I guess.

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Interestingly despite Revolut recommending using google pay the exact opposite happens with my bank (santander UK). If I top up directly with revolut there is zero fees using google pay it’s classed as a cash advance with interest and fees.

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18th June did a test £20 topup from my Vanquis credit card, still no fees and no interest

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Did you top up from Google pay using a credit card? Just wondering if I use google pay and my linked card is a credit card will I be charged

For me Google Pay using my Santander Credit Card= Cash Advance. Top up directly in revolut using the same credit card=Purchase.

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I don’t use Google Pay, only topup direct from credit card, did another small (£20) test from Vanquis yesterday, again seen as purchase, no fee. My Capital One (Mastercard) card charges fee + interest, my Amazon (Newday, Mastercard) card refuses to allow topup, or rather it did last time I tried. Maybe because they offer a cash advance interest free for 6 months directly into my bank account.

Vanquis (Visa) is now my go-to card if I need to topup from credit card

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Thanks for your reply, only will have to try and see if the same with nationwide credit card.

Update: Vanquis have now started charging topup as cash Advance so all my cards (Amazon, Capital One, Aqua and Vanquis) now charge for topups. Best Revolut facility (in my opinion) now no longer available



Mine has just charged me as well. Do you know if this is new? Because I have the same cards as you and I was always using Vanquis for this. Any idea if this is just a one off £3 fee or is it like other cash advances where it accumulates interest daily? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Do you know if there any other cards that are still free to top-up?

Thanks for your time!

I’ve never been charged topping up with Vanquis, previous topup of £60 on 26th October (prior to the current one) incurred no fee or interest (I pay statement balance every month). Current one shows a fee but I’ve no idea if they’re charging daily interest. Statement is due 10th December so I’ll follow this up when I receive it. As you say it could just be a one-off fee but according to the notes on the back of my statements…

Cash Transaction Fee: 3% or £3, whichever is the greater.
These include using your card to get cash at a cash machine, over the counter at a bank or Bureau de Change, purchase of travellers’ cheques or foreign currency and gambling
transactions. Interest is calculated daily, from the date of cash transaction.

As to other cards that don’t charge I have no idea, sorry.

Thanks a lot for that. I’ve just paid mine off early as I was lucky this month but please do let me know how it goes. I couldn’t find my statement so I went online to find a new Vanquis statement and it didn’t state daily charge. It only stated the fee and classed both the purchase and cash advance with the same interest rate and format. I might be wrong though so if it doesn’t show up in your statement I might contact Vanquis customer service to enquire about this.

Thanks again for your help.

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An update from the UK - I have used a Marks & Spencer credit card through Google Pay to top up my Revolut account. I was not warned by the Revolut app of any possible extra charges. I have been charged interest over the last 4 months and have disputed this with my CC provider, Google Pay and Revolut. I have done a formal complaint to Revolut as they should be the experts in this issue but instead they point fingers at other financial providers - Revolut should really make it clear that different CC providers handle the purchases in different ways and may lead to charges in some cases.

OK so I now have my statement (Vanquis) and I can confirm there was a cash advance fee of £3 but no interest has been charged. At least now I know that if I need to topup from this CC I will only be charged a fee.

On another note, I received an email from Aqua yesterday stating that the fee for cash advance will increase to 5% of the transaction (minimum £4) from mid-January.

It does state on page 1 of the M&C CC Terms that they charge a fee and interest on cash advances. I do not think that you will have much luck with your dispute. After all, it’s not Revolut’s job - it’s your job to know your CC terms.


Hi everyone,

On 28 October I topped up my Revolut account using my Barclays Credit Card and the transaction was not classified as a “Cash Advance” by Revolut (the ‘merchant’). On 22 December I did another top up with the same card and I was charged by Visa because apparently Revolut has changed the codes so the transaction was considered a “Cash Advance”.

I wonder whether this is the new way forward or will Revolut use the code it was using previously to avoid us from being charged for topping up with a credit card?

Merchant codes are allocated by the card networks, not by the merchant.

Also, banks like Barclays might not exclusively rely on merchant codes to apply fees. Their T&Cs usually allow them to decide on whatever factors they want to categorise payments as cash advance.