Top-up from Credit Card now seen as Cash Advance

So today I did a topup from both my Visa CC and one of my Mastercard CCs, both worked fine, no fees from the card issuers. Looks like the problem is solved :clap:

yes, topping up from my Australian credit card incurs cash advance fees and interest on the amount. I have not found any option to top-up from an Auatralian transaction account. With the additional charges and interest it is hardly worthwhile to use Revolut on a regular basis.

Top-up from a debit card?

Thank you for your suggestion re debit card. But that would mean for me to transfer money from my transaction account to a debit card account and then transfer to revolut. Hardly worth the effort. In that case I may as well use the debit card itself for the purchases meant to be done via revolut.

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I don’t understand what you mean sorry, the financial system here means your bank account is pretty much all you have besides credit

Transaction account would just be your bank account (which would have a debit card) and then you would use Revolut as a spending account only

Could you clarify?

I don’t know if this helps…

  1. I use my normal bank debit card for personal use in the UK.
  2. I use my Revolut card for overseas travel
  3. If I use my debit card overseas I am hit with a fee and bad exchange rate.
  4. If I use my credit card overseas I am hit with a fee and bad exchange rate.
  5. If I topup my Revolut from my credit card and then use that to pay hotels, restaurants etc… there is no fee and I get the best exchange rate.

I should add that my credit card is paid in full monthly by my business so no interest is accrued.

Hope that helps explain things

My transaction account did NOT have a debit card attached, only a “keycard”. I took your advice yesterday to apply for a debit card, which will be attached to the account. This may then resolve my issue. I would therefore like to thank you again for your contribution.

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Further to these tests I have just done a topup from 3 CCs… 2 * Mastercard (MC) and 1 * Visa…

Vanquis Visa no fee
Amazon MC (Newday) no fee
Capital One MC £3 fee + daily interest

It would seem that it’s up to the individual credit card company to decide how to treat the topup and not MC or Visa


Banks rely on merchant codes for this, but they always used their own assessment. When Revolut was new in Europe 2015/16, banks figured out Revolut’s business model over time, and looked at the nature of the transaction and then started to charge fees based on that in alignment with their T&Cs. When a credit card company states in their T&Cs that they are allowed to charge a fee for “financial transactions” or “cash advance”, they might do that at any point, totally independent from any merchant code used by Revolut.


It’s up to the individual bank if they charge a fee for specific MCCs. According to Vanquis T&C’s they charge a £3 service fee for money orders (which is MCC 4829). Are you sure that they do not wait until the statement day to charge the service fees?

Good point, I’ll have to wait till May 12 for my next one… Watch this space!

Obviously got my dates totally wrong. Vanquis statement arrived in the post this morning and Revolut top-up was seen as a purchase…no fee, no interest :+1:


I asked my bank to tell me the MCCs revolut used.
After i ran into the fees the first time, Revolut changed the MCC and i had no more fees in March.
They changed it for two times in march.
And as you can see, Revolut changed the MCC again somewhere between 20. March and 15. April.
So, it’s just not true, when chat support tells me now, that the MCC was unchanged since the last time i contacted them because of this issue.


I have been topping up through a debit card here is US. There is no fee charged by my bank as well as Apple Pay so far.

First of all Revolut doesn’t change a thing… VISA or MasterCard only can change MCC code. And second for me with VISA the code is not changed since mid February…
Revolut can’t do anything if MasterCard (or VISA) don’t want to turn the code back.


so, migros cumuls card now has or has not fees for topup?

No fee for Cembra Cumulus

I just topped up the miminum amount via Google Pay from my credit card. I was charged 28c on a €15 top up. I’ve never been charged before, and topping up manually with the same card incurs no fee. Has anything changed in the last few days? Super annoying as i didn’t see any fee lisyed until after i tapped the Google Pay button and verified my fingerprint.

I noticed Google Pay mentioned but it hasn’t really been clarified: is Google Pay passing the original MCC or not? If yes, then if the card issuer charges cash advance fees when topping up directly from some card, then it will still charge cash advance fees if topping up via Google Pay from the the same card.

I assume so, otherwise the card issuer would have no control over card usage altogether. They would not agree to that with Google and Apple.