Top-up from Credit Card now seen as Cash Advance

Since I got my Revolut card over 18 months ago I have been topping up my card from 2 different credit cards (Amazon and Capital One) without any problem or fees. Yesterday I did a top-up from my Capital One card for £300. Today I noticed a “Cash Fee” of £9 on my Capital One account which is the cash advance fee of 3% of £300. Last month (Dec) I topped up with over £900 with no fees. My question is has something changed this month in the way Revolut tops up from Credit Cards?


Yes, something has changed :point_down:t2:


Yes, I can confirm MCC is 4829 now for revolut top-ups. Before it was 6012.


Revolut really needs to get on top of this, I’d like the old MCC back


As far as I know the change was enforced by Mastercard and not Revolut.

I use a Debit card for top-ups and I have no fees.


I still use my Dutch Creditcard for top-ups (Revolut & DiPocket) and though the MCC has also changed for me (at both Revolut & DiPocket) I am not charged a fee. Lucky me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Also on most of the Creditcards in the Netherlands you can store money. And if that is possible you get interest on everything you have stored above €500.

What about top-up via VISA? Is that working w/o being flagged as cash advance?

Problem is that all the decent points earning CCs in the UK are M/C these days, and these no longer work for topping up Revolut.

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MCC codes
I too have recently been charged interest and cash advance fees by my credit card providers for topping up my Revolut account. I understand this is due to the changes to the MCC codes, and Revolut customer services has confirmed this. They have also advised that if I used Googlepay to top up my account, then the issue does not arise, and I will not be charged.
Can anyone confirm this - does it work with an underlying Mastercard credit card?

i use Visa card and situation is same. My bank charge me 1%. When I asked why, they answered that Revolut change code for transfer. Now is as bank transfer, not credit card transfer on ATM.

Dear Revolut team, what are you going to change to return old transaction codes?

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Both my wife and me were topping up our revolut cards using Visa credit cards as source.
For both of us this was registered as cash withdraval and our bank charged interests according to its T&C
Though after I read this change from Revolut I just paid back these amounts prior the deadline…

For me the worst part is that there was no communication from Revolut to its own customers telling us, that this - for us major - change is coming.


yep, unfortunately I can conform I have been charged interest by HSBC UK for transfers from my credit card to Revolut account - just a recent change which was introduced a week or two ago. Now seens as cash advance and not a VISA purchase as before. That sucks!

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Same here using my Visa card! Top-up used to work flawlessly until a few days ago.

As I wrote in the other thread:

No charges on my Spanish Visa CC so far.

I can report that MCC for top-ups changed back to 6012 recently.

For MasterCard or for VISA, or both, and with debit or credit card?

Yesterday, for me topping up with a Dutch MasterCard Creditcard it still is showing as 4829 (Money Transfer). For me it makes no difference since also for this MCC I am not charged a fee.

I have this problem with my Targobank card too and already payed a lot of fees, because i did multiple top-ups during the last days.
Where can i see the MCC?
Is there any answer to this issue by Revolut?


Oh, i posted the response to the wrong topic.
But now it is here too. :smiley:

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