Top Up from BBVA bank account

Hi everybody,

I am a resident in Spain and just joined Revolut. I am trying to top up my account with a bank transfer from a BBVA account. I am a bit confused on how Revolut exactly works. I see my new IBAN code has a GB prefix so I don’t know whether there is a formal EUR account registered in UK with my name. Is that right?

On the other hand, I tried to transfer some money to Revolut via a so-called (by BBVA) “normal transfer” (they separate “normal transfers” from “international” ones but I just noticed that after doing my transfer). BBVA has not rejected my transfer for now and it is shown in recent movements but my money has not arrived after 2 days (supposedly one day is the maximum allowed for SEPA transfers). Should I ask BBVA to revert my transfer and try to do it as an “international transfer”? Does anyone have experience doing transfers in EUR from a BBVA account to Revolut?

By the way, the BBVA web platform does not distinguish between SEPA and SWIFT when doing a transfer so I am not sure if they run it through SEPA. Does anybody know? Probably that is a superobvious question but beware that I know practically nothing on those SWIFT and SEPA standards, sorry.

Thank you

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