Top up From Bank not credited - Mistakes ?

We performed a topup from our bank account to our revolut Card.
However… we made 2 mistakes…

1- as the old Revolut IBAN was registered on our bank website, we made the topup on this one… will it still work ??
2- we forget to mention a reference in the topup (except maybe the name of the revolut account)…

Can someone please help us ?
@anon33247966 for example ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Yep, someone from :R: (@anon33247966) should be able to trace your payments made.

In the future, best switch to the new personal EUR IBAN.

Please see the attached post below. Click/tap the rightwards-facing triangle to expand content.

Thanks for the reply
I hope someone from :r: will help me soon then :wink:


@anon33247966 ask me any detail you need :slight_smile:

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Hi @caromath!

Let’s get in touch via a private message.

Do you have the bank transfer confirmation?