TOP-UP fee


why there is a fee? It’s german prepaid debit card. Wirecard - BOON.


Sometimes people have cards issued as commercial without knowing it but I am hearing of “problems” with Boon for the first time.

I did’t realize changes in the T&C of :r: :thinking:


Sometimes the system thinks you use a bussines card. Contact the Support via In-App Chat so they can add your card as consumer Card. You probably need some letter from your bank / boon where they state that this is a consumer card and no business card.


hmm, judging from screenshot you posted it seems Revolut thinks that your cards currency is canadian dollars. :eyes:


Or you can try apple pay top up?

What is the website to check the BIN number?


I use


Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd
Grainger Chambers
3-5 Hood Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 6JQ (UK)

Card recognized as german via a CZ carrier and “base currency” recognized ad CAD.

A modern thriller.


Buit to solve this all he should simply conctact support via In-App Chat :smile: