Top up fee with french debit card in euros


The top up by card feature is great but if I do it with a french bank account I have a 1% fee whether I top up in euros or GBP.
I know that for british bank accounts it’s zero fee so is it planned to cut this fee as well for other EU countries ?



Hi @JorisBL,

Topping up via debit card in EUR or GBP it should be free. Topping up via credit card there is 1% fee. Are you sure is a debit card?


Yup this is a debit card but maybe it’s recognized as a credit card unintentionally.
My bank is Credit Mutuel.
I already contacted support on the app for this and there was no outcome. I hope this glitch will be corrected in a future update.


Is there any indication on your card that states it’s a debit card?


Not on the card itself but on my bank account yes.
Do you know any other way to verify this ?


Can you please send me a direct message the first six digits of you card?


If it’s a “carte bleue” then it’s definitely credit card…
I think the French cards are VISA, even if Debit… while in the UK it’s written “debit” on the card itself…

definitely something to look at by the revolut team


My card is a Mastercard, but in France there are also carte bleue or VISA


New regulations will have written DEBIT on new issued cards like mine in France :wink:


@julien really? Great news :point_up:


Yup. Got an official paper with my new card. :smiley:


Perfect! Our French users will have no further issues with their cards :pray:


I can confirm.

I got my new Visa Premier card few days ago and it has DEBIT written on it (although Revolut recognizes it as Credit for now).


@Tacite have you contacted support team so we can change it?


Yup :slight_smile:

Now I just wait! Hopefully it will be done before my trip to Budapest in 2 weeks… :wink:


I advise you to contact our support team so we can report it on time


Have the same issue with a credit agricole card, the card is a debit but does not say so on the front.


It was fixed for me in 1 week after contacting the support :slight_smile:


@Skinz do you have any bank confirmation that sates it’s a debit card?


I’m sure I can get some confirmation, if you can’t via our card number.
The card in question was issued with our current account, when we make a purchase it is deducted immediately.