Top-up fee if using a Gold Mastercard Debit Card


I’m using a Mastercard gold debit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank in RON.
Revolut is starting to charge an additional fee upon top-up

I got in contact with Revolut support couple of times and finally the resolution was my card is identified as a comercial card because has the word ‘Gold’ within the name

As this is a kind of stupid way to implement a card validation/identification I think is more likely a bug



Same thing here in France with a Gold Mastercard ING.


Same problem for a Mastercard Gold from the bank Fortuneo in France.
I wait for a reply from the support


Same here… ING direct Gold as well


A while ago, when the system had problems to distinguish debit from credit cards, Revolut was changing their systems if customers provided proof that a card was indeed a debit card.

Here is what I would do: I would provide support some sort of proof that a given card is a consumer credit card and then ask them to forward this to the relevant department.

This problem might arise if a card issuer uses or used in past years the same range of numbers for business and consumer cards. Revolut might be able to solve the problem by updating their BIN databases.


I also have to pay a fee when topping up with my Fortuneo Golden Debit* Mastercard (issued in France)… @AndreasK, can something be done about that? Surely there is a better way than all of us asking for the exact same 25€ piece of paper from our bank, right? I mean Fortuneo is a customer bank and doesn’t do any commercial cards, so it should be an easy one!

*It is a “débit immédiat” card, so an actual debit card, not a credit card


It doesn’t matter if it’s credit or debit, there will be no fees if it’s issued in the EEA and isn’t a commercial card.
The last bit is the tricky part apparently as most Gold MC are identified as commercial.


True. But it would be great if Revolut could address the source of the problem instead of asking everybody to provide a confirmation from the bank!


I agree 100% with that, I hope they can find a way to do it.


Hi All, I had the same problem at first which they resolved relatively fast by asking me an electronic copy of my card statement, which clearly shows me as private person being the owner. Few weeks and 2-3 top ups later they do the same… The only difference, that Agents do not reply anymore, i am trying since 3 days. I was thinking to switch to the premium version but with such basic bugs reoccurring combined with a royally overloaded - and as a result of that - poor support (obviously missing out at resolving the root causes but only trying to address the symptoms at problem handling) I do hesitate to put any amount of money on my account exceeding 2 digits… Anyone any idea how to get this specific issue resolved anyway?


Hi Valentin.

I am having the same issue. Did you find a sollution for this?

They asked me to contact support once a month to ask a refund which is quite stupid.


Actually I was able to confitm that is not a comercial card and they stated that there is no technically option to mark the card as not comercial. Same gold card from raiffeisen



For me the solution was to use other card for topup.



Hi guys,

I have topped up from my BRD debit card (its a maestro) in RON.
I got my bank statement and there was a 1.4% fee.
The bank doesnt charge me anything for payments. (i have gone to the bank and they told me that there is no kind of fee on my card)

I just got in contact with Revolut, and the lady from the support told me that Revolut doesnt charge any fee, and sent me some kind of document on which it says that they only charged me the amount i have ordered.

Any ideas on this?

Thank you!


Hopefully this thread hasn’t died. I also got a Raiffeisen Mastercard Gold “debit” card, and when trying to top-up, it shows that I need to pay a fee due to it being tagged as a commercial card ( whatever that means - no cashback or credit attached ).

@AndreasK - any chance you can help ?


Same for me. I have MC Gold in czech republic and still have to pay fee for top up. This just prevents from using Revolut more…


Same here. No problem with Visa card with Erste Bank in Czech Republic, then the card expired, got MC Gold instead and suddenly got charged 30,24 CZK for nothing, ridiculous.


Same here. First I had Visa with Erste Bank in Czech Republic and wasn’t charged any fee. After the card expired I got MC Gold and suddenly with next top-up the fee was 30,24 CZK for now reason.