Top up fee for Apple/Google Pay

I hear that Revolut is going to charge all for topping up through Apple/Google Pay. I have not seen anything yet. Has anyone received any notification?


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Could you let me know where you have gotten this information from? :thinking:

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If so, a feature to stop using.

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A few Reddit posts suggest people have started being charged for such.

It’s not clear if it’s their credit card provider charging them (cash advance?) Or revolut is adding a charge on top of the transaction.


Hi @Mariana_Rodrigues , I saw it somewhere in Reddit. Is it true? Can you please throw some light on this rumor?

Yes, it is true. I got a message which contains the info about introducing fees while topping up by SOME cards (e.g. some of company’s cards/ international/ credit card) linked to Google/ Apple Pay. Info if the fee is aplicaable (and its value) you will see during transaction.


Thanks. Where are you based? Does it say anything about debit cards?

I am based in Poland.
I am not sure which card they want to charge. They write “some cards” and then they are giving some examples. But still - they do not mention debit card directly.

Bottom line is this: Revolut is starting to charge the same fee for top ups that they’re already charging when using the card directly (no Apple Pay or Google Pay involved).

For most EEA customers that should mean fees for cards issued outside the EEA and commercial cards, debit and credit. All card top ups are expensive for Revolut but these card types are considerably more expensive to process.

The situation in the US is fundamentally different. Revolut’s profit from interchange is higher.


Umm. I have not seen any fee charged by Revolut for top ups yet.

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I just opened my account Wednesday and I topped up my revolut account via Apple Pay. I got a notification saying that i might be charged a fee but that “ the first top up is on us”. I haven’t topped up again since.

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All top ups from debit cards are free :money_mouth_face:

However, if you add money with a card that has not been issued within the UK or EEA (e.g. a card issued in the USA, Switzerland, or anywhere else that is not part of the UK or EEA) or you add money with a commercial or credit card then we may charge a small fee just to cover our costs.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Mariana_Rodrigues. :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. As a UK cardholder who occasionally uses Google Pay.
    Should I avoid using Google Pay for my Revolut topup?

Not the case. I have an EU debit card and was informed there ‘may be a small fee next time’. Please shed some light on this if you can. And why the lack of transparency. What is a small fee, exactly?

Here’s how it works (educated guess): Revolut processes a top up and sees what fees occurr. If the payment goes through as a personal debit card transaction, you should not see fees for following transactions.

If fees occurred, for top up with a business debit card for example, you should see a fee pop up after authorising an Apple Pay top up with that card. So you should always see exactly what Revolut charges you before the payment goes through. Here’s a screenshot.

So due to the the way how Revolut determines fees, they show this warning about potential fees for future top ups you’re referring to. It’s a little complicated, but I find it transparent.


Thanks Frank, that’s helpful, though I feel Revolut should be more transparent. I would guess that, like myself, a number of people have been put off making such a top up when they do not know how it works.

@Sisyphus Hello :wave: and greetings from the Revolut community. :hugs: Thank you for your feedback. Hope this information was insightful. :smiling_face:

@Frank Thank you for sharing this information with us. :sunflower:

Veda | Community team

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I try to top-up but using the Apple Pay button but it only recognize the revolut card and others aren’t accepted.

Manually filling the card numbers it says transaction in Euro aren’t accepted and doesn’t let me change the currency.

The card I tried to use doesn’t even got a transaction registered.

Any explanation?
(Brazilian account, currently on Revolut Singapura branch)


Normally the topup currency depends on the account you are on. Can it be your case that you are trying to top up EUR account?