Top Up EUR Account using Curve card


I wanted to top up my EUR account using my Curve card. Problem is that the currency of the card has been detected by Revolut as being GBP.
Does anybody know how I could change the card to EUR?


Hey @Manaburner :slight_smile:

You can force the top-up in EUR anyway and it should work just fine. The base top-up for the Curve card will remain being detected in GBP :wink:


My Transferwise is also recognized as GBP card, but when I set the transfer currency to CHF (or EUR in your case) there should be a popup window if you really want to execute the transfer in your chosen currency instead of GBP. Just click „I am sure“ and it should go through.


Cool stuff. Indeed the app asked me if I still wanted to top up in EUR :slight_smile:
Problem now is that top up is declined because of 3D Secure, telling me I need to activate that. Dunno if that’s related to the Curve card or the card behind it


This too is a similarity with Transferwise. Many Swiss users (including myself) are experiencing the same 3DS error problem when trying to top up on Revolut.

As there are now 2 different cards involved, the problem seems to be on Revolut‘s side.

Hoping they are fixing it soon!


Quick update, 3DS problem seems to be solved with Transferwise, please try with your card again.


It’s working now. Great :slight_smile: