Top up error message

When I tried to top up my Revolut account using my debit card, I got the following error message. Anybody faced similar error message?


This card was previously already added or you tried to add new card?

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Yes. It was used earlier. Spoke to customer service. They said it is a complex problem which they are trying to resolve it. They couldn’t give me any time schedule. I am now without any option to top up my account. Very much disappointed. :rage: :rage:

Maybe SEPA transfer then ?
Or you can try to make money request link from revolut app and use it to pay from that same top-up card.

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Unfortunately, there is NO incoming wire transfer available for US accounts yet :triumph: . Currently, the only way to add money to your account here is by top up by debit card or from other revolut users.

I can totally understand your frustration but you need to clearly point out and understand that you are an US Revolut user.

Most issues you have is because of that and many things work differently for your account.


Revolut should focuss to provide same experience for everyone :roll_eyes:

Some US users reported that they had wire details (Metropolitan Commercial Bank iirc).
As a workaround you may try Transferwise’s (TW) borderless account.
TW provides a lot of local bank details and their debit card can be used to top up Revolut.
For European users it’s UK issued, it may be that it is US issued for US users.
Either way, topping up with the TW card should be fee-free for you.

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What is frustrating most is that this seems to be an isolated case with me only. My spouse is able to top up with all debit cards.

That also would be a very valuable when you report issues.

Glad to update that this issue has been resolved with the latest update iOS 6.35 :+1:

Hello I tried to top up my account with a previous added card and it didn’t work. So I deleted the card and tried to add it to the account and I’m having the same problem.
I also can’t talk to the help center in the app cause it’s written that I am offline, how can I resolve these problems ?

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Sorry to hear this news. You can try to contact the help center. But based on my a month long struggle, I can tell you that help center is NOT at all going to be of any help at all. They will keep you waiting for hours and then advise you that you can’t add the card back or there is a bug and no idea how long will it take to resolve it. Suggest that you give it a try with help desk and try to add the card with every update. If nothing works (most probably that will be the case :triumph:), suggest to register a complaint through the following page:

I can empathize with your frustration.