Top-up does not arrive



After a transfer executed on Monday 29th of January, the money has not yet arrived at my Revolut account and neither did it bounce back to my normal bank account. The customer service denies that they ever received the funds and wants to tell me the only solution is to wait for the money to bounce back. I cannot be the case that due to technical issues caused by Revolut, I am now not able to access my money. If I would not have contacted the in-app customer support twice and notified them about an answer from a fellow forum member, they would not even have explained to me what the problem is. This is just embarassing for a financial services provider, which tries to compete with ordinary banks.

Does Revolut plan on compensating their costumers for the unavailability of funds resulting from this technical issue?

When can I expect my money back on my bank account?

I hope this way I will get a sufficient answer for the issue.

Transfer from Paypal still pending

If that was a SEPA transfer, you need to give it more time. It not only depends on Revolut but also on how your bank handles failed transfers. There is no general answer to how quickly it will be done. I myself tried to transfer money on January 29th in the morning and it was available again at my outgoing bank account January 31st.


Same here, support keeps saying to wait while it obvious that something is wrong.
All past transfers from this account to Revolut arrived within 24hours.


You might be affected by this:

If you want to check yourself if you are affected by this, you could compare the BIC used for the transfer with the BIC shown in the app.


Frank! Thanks for the information. I’m in the same situation as others but with an additional problem, Revolut kept on telling me to wait a few days and then one guy told me to repeat the transfer, which I did. So now I have more than one already sent and my money is nowhere. Revolut doesn’t answer anymore and with the other bank I’m also having problema because they say that the money is gone. I really don’t know what to do. I understand that you transfer bounced back already right? I hope mine do as well at some point but I haven’t received clear explanations about that. Is there any way to file an official complaint? Do you guys know? They won’t tell me.
Thanks in advance


Thanks for the info @Frank.

I just hope for them they have good lawyers.


Time limits

The PSD obliges payment service providers to process payments within certain time limits. The execution time “D+1” has applied since 1 January 2012.
D+1: payments executed from one business day to the next after the “point in time of receipt” of a payment order by the payer’s payment service provider, the amount of the transaction must be credited to the payee’s payment account by the end of the next business day at the latest. This period may be extended by a further business day for paper-initiated payments. The amount of the payment transaction must be at the payee’s disposal immediately after that amount is credited to the payee’s payment service provider’s account.
The “point in time of receipt” is the time when the payment order (transmitted directly by the payer or indirectly by or through a payee) is received by the payer’s payment service provider. If the point in time of receipt is not on a business day for the payer’s payment service provider, the payment order is deemed to have been received on the following business day. The payment service provider may establish a cut-off time near the end of a business day beyond which any payment order received is deemed to have been received on the following business day.


Did you finally receive your funds?


They are trying to hide this huge scandal I am surprised it hasnt hit any financial news organizations yet.


See the other thread about missing payments, this has been going on for a while. Revolut have lost my trust.


I think its time we complained to the FCA as clearly they dont care.


I’ve just replied on the other topic. Revolut had issues with their BIC starting Jan 26th, You don’t put the BIC in when you make the payment, it’s derived from the IBAN. Revolut support should (and I believe would) have been aware of this and they said nothing. I checked the transfer from my bank and sure enough the BIC was derived as REVOGB2L instead of REVOGB21. This is not acceptable. I will contact my bank today and let them know about this and see what they can do. I will be reporting this to the Financial Ombudsman, which I think is the correct route.


I have never encountered such unprofessional behavior and lack of support.You can understand my frustration as I am on vacation in thailand and revolut was the only card except from visa that worked and saved a few bucks from conversion but in the long run now I am missing 300 euros and it is like Revolut is gone rogue.
Please let us know the response of this authority in order to complain also.
I should sue them for ruining my vacations.


i have excatly the same problem as yours, i dun know what to do and the only answer from Revolut is WAIT… they are losing customer trust. Very disappointing.


I am sorry to hear there are so many others, encountering the same issue. Obviously for a financial service company this kind of practice is inappropriate. So far my money did not bounce back to my account. What I do not understand is where the money is? If it is not on my normal bank account it has to be with revolut! Where else should it be? Do you think an complaint at the FCA is the way to go?


Hey @scholar18 :slight_smile:

From FCA’s website:

We do not investigate individual complaints

So, no. It’s most probably not the way to go :confused:


Did 4 transfers this morning around 09:00 which all arrived around 12:00. Transfers made from bunq (NL) and N26 (D) to Euro/SEPA account with GB-IBAN and LT-IBAN.


It is just very frustrating, that there is no official statement about how and if they are working on that issue at all. It is nice that it seems to work again, however that does not help those who are missing a substantial amount of their own money. It seems that revolut is completely ignoring that issue and avoids any communication with their customers. Is that really the way they deal with their customer’s issues? Good job, seems more important to offer a useless cryptocurrency service than a properly working banking system.


Hey @scholar18 :slight_smile:

I’d just wait. They handle this badly, frustrate everyone and then… Bam! Solution for everyone.


I don’t know but just wait is unsufficient for me when someone is denying me access to my money.


I urge anyone affected by this to go down this route - at least we can get to the bottom of who is to blame here.